Special session “Modeling the Mind”

Monday, October 27th, 2008 by Gerhard Zucker | Conferences

There is a special session at the 2nd  IEEE International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI’09), taking place May 21-23 2009, Catania, Italy. The special session is called „Modeling the Mind“ and you are invited to contribute a scientific paper.

Modeling the Human Mind

Session Abstract

In order to improve interaction between machines and humans we do not only have to develop better mechanisms for tasks like perception or information fusion; we have to bring together these achievements and integrate them into a comprehensive and consistent model of the human mind, which shall serve as a framework for future research. We need an integrative model, which describes many or all abilities of the human psychic apparatus in a consistent way. Researchers are invited to present candidate models or research approaches on how to achieve the goal of creating complete and consistent models of the human mind, not focusing on single mechanisms, but rather on finding approaches to create a bigger picture that allows for future development of systems that are capable to better understand the real world that humans live in.


  • technical models of the human psychic apparatus
  • models of human-like abilities for information evaluation and decision making
  • neuro-psychoanalytic modelling
  • engineering the mind
  • emotion-based decision making


Gerhard Zucker
Affiliation: Vienna University of Technology

Dietmar Bruckner
Affiliation: Vienna University of Technology

Andrzej Buller
Affiliation: Vienna University of Technology

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