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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by Stefan Kohlhauser

Emulating the Mind Forum 2007 Videos

The videos of the presentations and discussions of the Emulating the Mind Forum 2007 can now be downloaded on this site. They comprise of the content of the Emulating the Mind Forum 2007 DVD. The download is free of charge. Beware that some of the files are quite large (up to 400MB).

Technical information:

File format: .avi
Video codec: MP4V
Audio codec: MP3

DVD 1:

  1. Welcome message by Gerhard Zucker and Georg Fodor
  2. Etienne Barnard – A Brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence Focusing on Computational Models of Emotions
  3. Dietmar Dietrich – Technical Realization of a Neuro-Psychoanalytical Model of the Mind
  4. Mark Solms – What is the Mind?
  5. Discussion chaired by Etienne Barnard, Dietmar Dietrich and Mark Solms
  6. Aaron Sloman – Machines in the Ghost
  7. Jaak Panksepp – Simulating the Primal Emotions of the Mammalian Brain
  8. Discussion chaired by Aaron Sloman and Jaak Panksepp

DVD 2:

  1. Andrea Clarici – Cognitive and Affective Automation
  2. Peter Palensky – Cognitive and Affective Automation
  3. David Olds – Response to Palensky, Lorenz and Clarici
  4. Discussion chaired by Andrea Clarici, Peter Palensky and David Olds
  5. Gerhard Zucker – The Prometheus Phantasy
  6. Yoram Yovell – Return of the Zombie
  7. Discussion chaired by Gerhard Zucker, Yoram Yovell and Elisabeth Brainin
  8. Discussion: Getting a Grasp
  9. Discussion: Free Will


  1. Discussion: Psychoanalysis and Computer Engineering
  2. Discussion: The Mammal in the Machine
  3. Discussion: The remembering body
  4. Discussion: Emotions, Drives and Desire
  5. Final Discussion
  6. Dietmar Dietrich – Closing Words
  7. Mark Solms – Closing Words