Dietmar Dietrich – Technical Realization of a Neuro-Psychoanalytical Model of the Mind

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by Stefan Kohlhauser

Dietmar Dietrich

Dietmar Dietrich

We use the psychoanalytical model of the psychical apparatus to define a unified coherent model for intelligent bionic systems. The terms intelligence, feelings and emotions are central topics within the fields of psychology, pedagogy and psychoanalysis. When engineers use these terms, they have to consider the concepts of those scientific fields. Our heterogeneous team joining engineers and psychoanalysts attempts to map Sigmund Freud’s model of the ”psychical apparatus” in combination with Luria’s Dynamic Neuropsychology into a machine. Following up on the first paper of this forum which outlined the state-of-the art in Artificial Intelligence, this paper outlines the motivation of our new scientific step and describes visions and constraints we have encountered to date. Research results are presented in the following papers.

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