Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by Stefan Kohlhauser

Below are the videos, which are included in DVD 2 of the Simulating the Mind Forum DVD.

  1. Andrea Clarici – Cognitive and Affective Automation
  2. Peter Palensky – Cognitive and Affective Automation
  3. David Olds – Response to Palensky, Lorenz and Clarici
  4. Discussion chaired by Andrea Clarici, Peter Palensky and David Olds
  5. Gerhard Zucker – The Prometheus Phantasy
  6. Yoram Yovell – Return of the Zombie
  7. Discussion chaired by Gerhard Zucker, Yoram Yovell and Elisabeth Brainin
  8. Discussion: Getting a Grasp
  9. Discussion: Free Will