Gerhard Zucker – The Prometheus Phantasy

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by Stefan Kohlhauser

Gerhard Zucker

Gerhard Zucker

It is our goal to create technical systems that are able to understand their environment in a way similar to the way human beings understand their environment. Consequently, they shall also be able to interact with their environment – including humans. To create such systems we need models of human abilities. We need to understand how humans perceive their environment, how knowledge about the environment is created and stored, how motor interaction works, how decisions are taken and actions are executed. And the models that we require have to allow us to implement them in a technical, not a biological way. We can only use technology that is currently available (we cannot “grow” our own biological brain). This paper identifies principles and functions of the human psyche that make up a set of basic requirements for developing technical systems that can perceive and interact with the environment – including human beings – in a more human-like way.

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