Part II

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 by Tobias Deutsch

Proceedings of Emulating the Mind (ENF 2007)


As engineers and psychoanalysts come from very different scientific cultures. Part II introduces different points of view to similar topics. It includes three articles which give an overview on the subject of the ENF forum and invited articles which form the base for discussions. They are respectively arranged by pairs including a statement and a response to a specific topic in the area of modeling machine intelligence. As engineers are newcomers to human mind sciences they state their point of view while neuropsychoanalysts and psychoanalysts write a response including feasibility issues and adjustments. These articles are presented in the ENF forum, and upcoming discussions transliterated in this section. Finally, the group discussions, involving all participants, close the section. Substantial topics like the benefit for both areas of research on the interdisciplinary work and upcoming questions on free will and the organization of memory are discussed.

List of Articles

  • A Brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence Focusing on Computational Models of Emotions

    Brigitte Palensky (né Lorenz), Etienne Barnard
  • Considering a Technical Realization of a Neuropsychoanalytical Model of the Mind – A Theoretical Framework

    Dietmar Dietrich, Georg Fodor, Wolfgang Kastner and Mihaela Ulieru
  • What is the “Mind”? A Neuro-Psychoanalytical Approach

    Mark Solms
  • Machines in the Ghost

    Aaron Sloman
  • Simulating the Primal Affective Mentalities of the Mammalian Brain: A Fugue on the Emotional Feelings of Mental Life and Implications for AI-Robotics

    Jaak Panksepp
  • Cognitive and Affective Automation: Machines Using the Psychoanalytic Model of the Human Mind

    Peter Palensky, Brigitte Palensky (né Lorenz) and Andrea Clarici
  • Issues at the Interface of Artificial Intelligence and Psychoanalysis: Emotion, Consciousness, Transference

    David Olds
  • The Prometheus Phantasy – Functions of the Human Psyche for Technical Systems

    Elisabeth Brainin and Gerhard Zucker (né Pratl)
  • Return of the Zombie – Neuropsychoanalysis, Consciousness, and the Engineering of Psychic Functions

    Yoram Yovell

List of Authors in Alphabetic Order

  • Etienne Barnard Meraka Institute, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Elisabeth Brainin Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Austria
  • Andrea Clarici University of Trieste, Italy
  • Dietmar Dietrich Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Georg Fodor Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Austria; University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Wolfgang Kastner Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • David Olds Columbia University, New York, United States
  • Brigitte Palensky (né Lorenz) Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Peter Palensky University of Pretoria, South Africa; Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, United States
  • Jaak Panksepp Veterinary Medicine Washington State University, United States
  • Aaron Sloman The University Of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Mark Solms International Neuropsychoanalysis Centre, London, UK; University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Mihaela Ulieru Canada Research Chair; The University Of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Yoram Yovell University of Haifa, Israel
  • Gerhard Zucker (né Pratl) Vienna University of Technology, Austria