Part III

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 by Tobias Deutsch

Response to the ENF 2007


Part III of the book contains a selection of articles that have been submitted according to the book’s Call for Contribution. The aim was to foster the cooperation between neuropsychoanalysts and engineers in the aftermath of the ENF 2007. Based upon the idea to search for a bionic model of the mental apparatus, a hierarchical model of the brain in analogy to Luria as well as the topic of drive representations, which is central to Freud’s theory, is discussed. As a metaphor, the memory process of information is compared to the generation of electro-magnetic waves. Freud’s concept of the pleasure principle is used to postulate machine psychodynamics and continuative, psychodynamics in respect to groups are depicted. An overview of the vision of the ENF closes the chapter.

List of Articles

  • A Computational Model of Affects

    Mika Turkia
  • The Physics of Thoughts

    Ron Spielman
  • A Functional View on “Cognitive” Perceptual Systems Based on Functions and Principles of the Human Mind

    Matthias J. Schlemmer and Markus Vincze
  • Four Laws of Machine Psychodynamics

    Andrzej Buller
  • Artificial Group Mind, a Psychoanalytically Founded Thought Experiment

    Charlotte Rösener, Tobias Deutsch, Roland Lang, Brit Müller, and Takahiro Yakoh
  • Artificial Group Psychodynamics: Emergence of the Collective

    Joseph Dodds
  • A Primer of Psychoanalysis for Alan Turing

    Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
  • Alexander R. Luria and the Theory of Functional Systems

    Wolfgang Jantzen
  • A Mind for Resolving the Interior-Exterior Distinctions

    Ariane Bazan
  • The Vision, Revisited

    The Mental Apparatus for Complex Automation Systems – A Combined Computer Scientific and Neuropsychoanalytical Approach

    Dietmar Dietrich, Mihaela Ulieru, Dietmar Bruckner, Georg Fodor

List of Authors in Alphabetic Order

  • Ariane Bazan Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Andrzej Buller Cama-Soft A.I. Lab, Gdynia, Poland
  • Dietmar Bruckner Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Tobias Deutsch Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Dietmar Dietrich Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Joseph Dodds Institute of the Czech Psychoanalytical Society, Czech Republic; Charles University; University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Georg Fodor Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Austria; University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Robert Galatzer-Levy Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago Illinois, United States; University of Chicago, United States
  • Wolfgang Jantzen Universität Bremen, Germany
  • Roland Lang Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Brit Müller Vienna Circle of Psychoanalysis, Austria; Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Charlotte Rösener ACS Technologies, Austria
  • Matthias J. Schlemmer Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Ron Spielman Australian Psychoanalytical Society, Australia
  • Anna Tmej Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Austria; Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Mika Turkia University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Mihaela Ulieru Canada Research Chair; The University Of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Markus Vincze Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Takahiro Yakoh Keio University, Japan